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supporting ukraine

The tragedy unfolding before our eyes in Ukraine continues to fill us with shock and horror. The sounds we hear of attacks from video clips pain our souls. The pictures on television hurt our hearts. And the testimonies from those who have endured the suffering echo in our minds long after we take in their stories. Russia’s cruel and deliberate targeting of civilian populations, the repeated intentional attacks on healthcare facilities, transit corridors, and buildings where Ukrainians have taken shelter, offends any sense of moral decency.

Powerful words from our greater community

 A Yom Haatamaut for Ukraine  by Rabbi Sergo Bergman, WUPJ President (May 5, 2022)

 Reflections from Time with Ukrainian Refugees by Cantor Vicky Glikin, Temple Emanu-El in Dallas (May 1, 2022)

 Standing with Ukraine by Rabbi Dan Feder (March 24, 2022)

Ways that you can help

Provide Financial Support

> Jewish Community Federation is providing support to the the Ukrainian Jewish community through its Ukraine Emergency Fund.
> HIAS is increasing its efforts to resettle refugees from Ukraine. Give here to support their emergency efforts.
> IsraAid Aid is providing emergency support for Ukrainian Refugees. Give here to support their work.

Spread the Word

Hebrew Free Loan is offering interest-free Ukraine Assistance loans to members of our Northern California Jewish community who need funds to support their loved ones who are in Ukraine or fleeing to safety. 

Stay Informed

> Listen to the podcast Ukraine's Jews in the Middle of a War from the Shalom Hartman Institute is very powerful and informative.
> Visit the Reform Action Center’s Responding to the Crisis in Ukraine for additional resources and ideas for action.


Take Action

Ask the Biden administration to keep Ukrainian families together. Ukrainian refugees should be able to reunite with family in the U.S. rather than wait in limbo with temporary protection in Europe. Now is the time to live up to our value of welcoming people in their moment of need.

Act now and urge your members of Congress to ensure the U.S. retains its role as a global leader by cosponsoring the GRACE Act.


Keep up to date on actions at action/take action.

Tue, December 6 2022 12 Kislev 5783