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Youth Education at PTS

  • We aim to create a safe space that provides learners with the tools necessary to live Jewishly into adulthood.
  • A curriculum focused on Jewish values, ritual, lifecycle, texts, history, Israel, and character development
  • Music, cooking, outdoor learning, art, and movement
  • 7 Family Shabbat Experiences for K-7th grade families to enhance the classroom experience
  • Experiential learning including field trips and retreats
  • Small-group Hebrew learning for 3rd-6th graders
  • Social and emotional support for all children and their families

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See below for the course descriptions.


Learners build a foundation for Jewish learning through a storybook curriculum. Each grade will focus on a big question and use stories to learn about Jewish holidays and Jewish life.

  • First Day: Saturday, September 9th with Opening Family Havdalah Experience
  • Early Bird Tuition: $578 for Pre-K; $1050 for K-2nd Grade

Learners focus on four consecutive topics during these formative years: Later Tanakh texts including Prophets and Ketuvim, Jewish ethics, Jewish lifecycle rituals, and Jewish law. Learners will also begin meeting in Hebrew groups to learn their Aleph Bet and prayers.

  • First Day: Saturday, September 9th with Opening Family Havdalah Experience
  • Early Bird Tuition: $1365 for 3rd Grade; $1470 for 4th and 5th Grade

Middle schoolers learn about the responsibilities that come with becoming b'nai mitzvah. 6th graders start thinking deeply about their Jewish identities as they enter early adulthood. 7th graders learn about modern Jewish history including Zionism, the Holocaust, and the founding of the State of Israel. 6th graders continue in Hebrew groups.

  • First Day: Saturday, September 9th with Opening Family Havdalah Experience
  • Early Bird Tuition: $1470 for 6th Grade; $1300 for 7th Grade

Learners choose two electives. These topics range from Jewish texts to Jewish history, Jewish culture, and to various perspectives on Israel. Chavayah will also have access to exclusive field trips and volunteer opportunities.10th graders will have Confirmation as one of their electives. 10th graders will also get to attend the Religious Action Center L'Taken Social Justice Seminar with their peers. 

  • First Day: Sunday, October 1st
  • Early Bird Tuition: $1300 for 8-10th Grade
Sat, June 10 2023 21 Sivan 5783