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annual congregational retreat

11/30/2023 09:30:00 AM


Rosa Whitten, Director of Education

As we are winding down 2023 and looking toward 2024, I want to invite you to deepen your sense of community at PTS by attending the congregational retreat. Having attended the retreat as a congregant in January 2023, before I became a staff member, I am delighted to now sustain the mission and bring it to others. My family was able to align the stars for the first time last year to attend and we all felt like it was truly a getaway. We were not expecting all the clergy to be there, which felt really special to have them in the same place at the same time and is a testament to the importance of the weekend. We had very special guest presenters who facilitated thought-provoking and personal workshops. This year we are bringing a similarly wonderful guest artist, Noah Aronson, and the clergy and staff are once again committed to the program through their presence for the full weekend.

Another surprise was all the programming for children - our kids loved playing and running around with the other children. We were heart-warmed at how well they got along with each other even though there was a pretty big spread of ages ranging from 2-13 years old. It was a delight to see the older kids get to take a leadership role with the younger ones. By the end of the weekend they didn’t want to leave one another and had big hugs to say goodbye. Lauren Silva, our Director of Youth and Family Engagement, planned a variety of programs specifically for children and it was so reassuring to know the kids were all engaged in a safe space with Lauren, most of whom were familiar with her as a teacher, leaving the adults time to engage in workshops with the group.

There were lots of familiar faces that we were able to get to know a little better and now feel like we have a connection when we see them at the temple. We met new people who we may not have otherwise been able to connect with, more than with just a passing hello at temple. Not only did our clergy and staff come together, but many board members attended as well. If you are seeking community and deeper connections with other Jewish families, I urge you to clear your calendars and join us. Come breathe the mountain air and experience the secluded location of Happy Valley Conference Center. We didn’t know how much we needed the retreat until after we came back and learned how much we had been craving a feeling of community in a more intimate way. I daresay, it’s magical!

Why Attend a Retreat:

  1. Nature lets you unwind and reduce stress
  2. Community offers support and connection
  3. Recharge and reconnect to strengthen relationships
  4. Refresh and energize from within
  5. Bonding helps to feel a sense of belonging
  6. Build friendships and make memories
  7. Unplug and be present in each moment
  8. Face to face time and collaboration
  9. Enjoy peace away from daily routines

Visit for information about our next retreat, January 19-21, 2024. Deadline to register is January 10.

Wed, February 21 2024 12 Adar I 5784