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On community

12/02/2022 09:09:40 PM


Arlene Rosenberg, President


Shabbat Shalom, and welcome once again to our Board Consecration Shabbat.  It is my honor, as president of the PTS board, to chair this group of smart, caring, and committed trustees who not only have led us beautifully in our service this...Read more...

The Power of Hanukkah

12/01/2022 09:48:00 AM


Rabbi Dan Feder

 “We came to banish the darkness
In our hands are the light and fire
Each one of us is a small light,
And together our light is power”

This is the message of the Israeli Chanukah song, Banu Choshech Legaresh. Every human soul brings a powerful light, and when...Read more...

A Part of Something Bigger….

11/01/2022 09:30:04 AM


Cantor Yonah Kliger

As I stand in front of the open ark in our sanctuary with an upcoming B’nai Mitzvah student, one of the first things I often ask them is if they’ve ever really paid attention to how many sifrei Torah (Torah Scrolls) are in the ark. At a quick glance, it’s clear that there...Read more...

A Message on Antisemitism in Our Time

10/28/2022 02:31:51 PM


Rabbi Dan Feder

Recently, we have been reminded that antisemitism plagues us now with a renewed and frightening strength.

Just yesterday, we marked the fourth anniversary of the deadliest attack in U.S. history against Jews at Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life Synagogue. As we paused to remember the...Read more...

Moving Forward into the Climate Crisis

10/05/2022 07:00:42 PM


Rabbi Lisa Delson

Sermon, Yom Kippur Morning 2022/5783
What Can We Do? Moving Forward into the Climate Crisis

I would like to invite you to think about a place that you have been to and wish to return, like a park or a vacation spot or your grandmother’s backyard. I know many people...Read more...

the importance of belonging

10/04/2022 06:30:07 PM


Rabbi Dan Feder

Sermon, Kol Nidre 2022/5783

Let me set the stage. There we were. Our ancestors, the Children of Israel, in the wilderness of Sinai. Before we even knew the details, we answered God with one voice, expressing our eagerness to be a holy nation. Standing at the foot of Mount...Read more...

New Year, New Generations

09/29/2022 10:40:03 AM


Rabbi Liora Alban

Sermon, Rosh Hashanah 2022/5783

I still remember a short conversation I shared with my mom when I was a child. My family was out to dinner at a local coffee shop. The year was probably 2001 because I believe we were discussing politics and the looming threat of terrorism that gripped...Read more...


09/29/2022 10:25:28 AM


Rabbi Dan Feder

Sermon, Erev Rosh Hashanah 2022/5783

How important is the skill of listening? It’s so important that the first experience human beings have of the Divine is an auditory one. Adam and Eve “heard" the sound of God walking about in the Garden. The earliest humans no more saw God than...Read more...

Unlocking your Children’s Full Potential

08/01/2022 08:55:23 AM


Lauren Silva

Director of Youth & Family Engagement

Unlocking Your Children's Full Potential Through Jewish Learning

For every Jewish soul in the world, I hope for one of two things: that they find Judaism, or that Judaism finds them. I was the latter case....Read more...

Pts: A place to belong

07/01/2022 09:50:55 AM


Arlene Rosenberg


When I was a young mother, I wanted the synagogue to be a second home for my family. I wanted it to feel familiar and comfortable. I wanted my children to know where everything was and to feel free (within reason) to relax, run around, and be...Read more...

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