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guide to let's talk mental health videos

Let's Talk Mental Health was a series of learning sessions for adolescents to older adults, hosted by PTS in partnership with the local community. Videos are described on this page.
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San Mateo County Emergency Psychiatric Crisis Intervention Services

"Mental Health" on YouTube

March 2018

A presentation that shows what transpires from the time a family makes a crisis call, moderated by Rabbi Lisa Delson and presented by a panel of experts from the county.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (cBT) And Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
"mental Health May 2018" on YouTube

May 2018

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) are two therapies that have shown promising results and are in common use today. This program conducted by Anna Nedelisky, PhD, describes and differentiates between these two therapies with examples of when each is considered appropriate. 

Overcome Isolation of Mental Illness at California Clubhouse

March 2019

This was an in-person event presented at PTS by California Clubhouse’s executive director. Located in San Carlos, California Clubhouse is part of the Clubhouse International network of over 340 clubhouses around the world. It is not a treatment center, but a free-membership welcoming community of support, hope and dignity for those whose lives have been disrupted by mental illness. Through friendship, work and resources in their daily program, California Clubhouse offers an opportunity to build upon strengths, rather than managing illness.

Contact Information:  Erica Horn, Executive Director
210 Industrial Road, San Carlos
(650) 539-3345

Suicide Prevention, Postvention and Mental Wellness

July 2019

This in-person event was presented by Narges Zohoury Dillon, LMFT, Department Director of Star Vista where she oversees suicide prevention efforts. Star Vista helps persons in San Mateo County navigate life’s challenges. Narges talks about this topic in many communities - how to prevent it, what to do if you are worried about it, and how to be supportive after you have lost someone.

Contact Information: Star Vista
610 Elm St #212, San Carlos
(650) 591-9623

Rabbi Eric Weiss on Spirituality and Mental Illness

October 2019

This was an in-person event at PTS where Rabbi Weiss from the Jewish Healing Center in San Francisco talks in a personal way how he approaches mental illness from a spiritual level. He draws from his extensive experience in the center to give insight into the brain and how to belong in this world.

Contact Information: Bay Area Jewish Healing Center
2530 Taraval St #202, San Francisco
(415) 750-4197

Stories of Hope, Words of Wisdom for those with mental illness

May 2020

This is a presentation by Ian Adamson, Executive Director of Mateo Lodge in Redwood City. Ian shares his encouraging positive perspective from a career moving individuals with mental illness forward on a positive path. Mateo Lodge was established as a non-profit by parents in 1975 and has grown  to  three major sites that house 57 young adults with mental illness. They have an extensive outreach to additional clients in the community with a 24/7 open door policy. They maintain a contract with San Mateo County. Their compassionate loving counselors concentrate on quality of life.

Contact Information: Mateo Lodge
420 Cassia St., Redwood City
(650) 363-8125

The State of Mental Health Services in San Mateo County

August 2020

Four guest panelists on San Mateo County mental health services share key initiatives and challenges facing us today. Supervisor Dave Pine; Dr. Anna Nedelisky, Ph.D., clinical psychologist in San Mateo; Reverend Bill Kruse; Scott Gilmore, Head of Behavioral Health in San Mateo County

In Our Own Voices

October 2020

Three San Mateo County NAMI (National Association on Mental Illness) trained speakers talk about how they live well with mental illness. These are hopeful messages and strategies each of them has used to fully experience life as they live with mental illness.

Finding Joy Again After Covid

March 2021

Noted psychologist Dr. Joshua Coleman offers insights, advice, guidance, and understanding of living in the time of Covid isolation. Dr. Coleman is on the board of the Council of Contemporary Families, and in that role is often quoted in the media. He is familiar and experienced with the common struggles of American families.

Dr. Coleman spends a limited amount of time talking about his field of expertise on the silent epidemic of family estrangement. He is the author of the 2021 book, Rules of Estrangement.

Early Detection and Intervention of Mood Disorders, Schizophrenia and BiPolar

August 2021

Two innovative, evidence-based programs at the Felton Institute--(Re)Mind and Beam--identify, evaluate and treat mental illness disorders in teens and young adults ages 14-35. The Felton Institute specializes in the early detection and intervention of mood disorders, schizophrenia and bipolar. Sydney Hoff, Program Manager at Felton Institute in San Mateo, describes these two unique programs.

Contact Information: Felton Institute
1108 S El Camino Real, San Mateo
(650) 458-0026

Adolescent Counseling Services

October 2021

Dr. Sarah Burdge, psychologist and clinical director at Adolescent Counseling Services agency in Redwood City, covers issues related to adolescent mental health and the support services available to them and their families. She discusses ways in which families can help their youth and teens who face increased social isolation, fear, anxiety and depression and the challenges brought on by forced distant learning and other pandemic related matters.

She also includes teen substance abuse and the psychological, emotional and physical challenges of those who identify as lesbian, gay, and transgender.

Contact Information: Adolescent Counseling Services
643 Bair Island Rd., Redwood City
(650) 362-3303

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