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we have a Hearing Loop!

Our sanctuary has a hearing loop, which makes it easy for those with hearing aids and cochlear devices to hear with clarity and customized volume. Your device's t-coil must be activated. See your audiologist to activate your t-coil.

To use the hearing loop in our sanctuary, you must be inside the loop. All of the pew seats are inside the loop.

If you have a device and the t-coil is activated,

Turn on the t-coil “program” or “setting” in your app or on your device.


If you do not have a t-coil device,
You can still use our hearing loop in one of the following ways
  1. Borrow a headset & receiver from the shelf on the left as you enter the sanctuary. No hearing aid needed.
  2. Wear a “necklace receiver” that is made by your hearing aid device manufacturer. Visit your manufacturer’s website for more information.
  3. Wear OTOjOY LoopBuds, a type of earbuds that connects to your own mobile device. (Coming in November.)

Our hearing loop was installed by Visit their website for technical specifications and additional information on hearing loops.

Help Install a Hearing Loop in the Klein Spiritual Center: Lent Chapel
and purchase additional personal headset and receivers

Our goal is $15,000

Click here to support this effort
Then, click the donate button, and select “Where Most Needed” in the donation dropdown

Tue, October 3 2023 18 Tishrei 5784