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2022-23 Membership Renewal

PTS is a community that is defined by its people. We come together to celebrate, worship, and comfort one another, and to deepen our own Jewish identities. Our connectedness is important, now more than ever. These past two years have been difficult for many of us, and through it all, PTS continued to affirm life and share our beautiful tradition. In the coming year, we will work to rekindle our connections with one another and strive for an inclusive environment where everyone who walks through our doors, literal or virtual, feels that they belong.

With your membership renewal, you rededicate yourself to your own community connections and to the health and well-being of Peninsula Temple Sholom. Your support is a much-appreciated expression of confidence in the bright future that lies ahead. Thank you for being a valued part of this kehilla kedosha, holy community, which means so much to us all.

Please complete the Membership Renewal form below. Scroll down or click here for information on membership categories.

If you have questions about your membership, please contact the Chief Community Officer by email or at 650-697-2266.


 Membership FORM

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Membership Categories

You are invited to select your level of membership. If you are able to contribute more, please consider making a special contribution to our COVID-19 Recovery Fund, increasing your membership commitment, and/or join the Tzedakah Circle. On the other hand, if you are facing financial challenges, remember you can always select the amount to contribute that matches your personal situation; financial capacity should
not be a barrier to membership.

Membership commitments at this level provide funding for temple programs, maintenance of our facility, and clergy and
staff compensation, and also subsidize our Youth Education

Preschool families may select this discounted level of
membership commitment.

PTS offers complimentary memberships for one year to new
member families with children in grades K-2 attending our
Youth Education program, to couples newly married by our
clergy, and to individuals newly converted by our clergy.

Membership commitments at this level make it possible for PTS to open its doors to everyone, regardless of means.

SHALOM Peace                                      Sustaining +$10,000
EMET Truth                                               Sustaining +$5,000
AHAVA Love                                             Sustaining +$2,500
CHESED Kindness                                     Sustaining +$1,000
KEHILLAH Community                                 Sustaining +$500

The amount of your commitment will appear on your account as
“Tzedakah Circle Membership Commitment.” Tzedakah Circle (TC)
members will be celebrated at an appreciation event and
periodically recognized. If you make a TC level commitment, you
will not be solicited directly during the High Holy Days.

Tue, December 6 2022 12 Kislev 5783