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We value diversity, and strive to provide a safe space for the full spectrum of the Jewish experience, including interfaith and multifaith families.  We welcome and encourage all people, regardless of age, race, background, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital or family status, health status, citizenship status, or financial means, to participate in our sacred community. Read more...

We are thrilled that you are considering joining Peninsula Temple Sholom! We are proud of our congregation and want you to be a part of it. Please take time to scroll through our website or even attend a worship service or program. If you would like to attend a worship service online, visit for instructions.

What is Membership?
Joining PTS to become a member of a caring community that is founded in Jewish values and Jewish life. Besides the many intangibles of being a part of this synagogue, PTS members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Youth education and programming for children ages pre-k through high school
  • Clergy for pastoral care and lifecycle events
  • Name badges (aka tickets) for the High Holy Days
  • Discounted tuition for the PTS Preschool
  • A variety of worship experiences
  • Spiritual, educational, and social programming with a Jewish heart
  • Social justice opportunities through a Jewish lens
  • Sholom Women and the League of Extraordinary Mensches
  • A community for saying kaddish

To find out more before you join, please complete a simple PTS interest form by clicking I Want To Learn More and someone from PTS will contact you. When you are ready to join, click I Am Ready To Join to complete a membership application.

Membership Types

As a PTS member, you are invited to select your level of membership. If you are able to contribute more, please consider joining the Tzedakah Circle. If you are facing financial challenges, you may select an amount matches your personal situation; financial capacity is not be a barrier to membership.

Sustaining Membership ($3,800)
Membership commitments at this level provide funding for temple programs, maintenance of our facility, and clergy and staff compensation; it also substantially subsidizes our Youth Education program.

Tzedkah Circle Membership (Sustaining + $500 and up)
Membership commitments at this level make it possible for PTS to open its doors to everyone, regardless of means. Many Tzedakah Circle members give $5,000, $10,000 and more. We are extremely grateful for those who make Tzedakah Circle level gifts.

Preschool Family Membership ($3,000)
Enrolled preschool families received discounted membership commitment and discounted preschool tuition. Visit for more information. 

Gift Membership
PTS offers complimentary first year membership to new families who enroll their children in youth education grades Pre-K through 2, couples that are newly married by our clergy, and individuals that study for conversion with our clergy. Gift memberships come with all the same priveleges as any other membership.

Out-of-Town Membership ($360)
An Out-of-Towner is anyone whose residence is outside of the San Francisco Bay Area. Out-of-Town members will share most of the same rights and obligations as Regular Members, with the following exceptions:

  • Will receive up to two tickets to the High Holy Days

  • No obligation to pay into the Facility Reserve

  • May not vote, sign petitions, or be counted as part of a quorum

  • No access to Youth Education or Preschool for their children

Other Financial Matters

New members of the congregation are asked to contribute $300 per year for their first 10 years of membership ($3,000 total) to help defray the cost of building maintenance.

Completing the Membership Form

The Membership Application will take you about 10 minutes to complete. You will be asked for personal family demographics, contact information, yahrzeits for tracking, and a membership commitment. If you would like to discuss your membership commitment, select the option labeled, "Other - I will contact PTS." When asked, please upload a family photo (nothing fancy) so we can share your picture with the Board of Trustees. We look forward to welcoming you to our community.

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