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adult learning

We offer a variety of ongoing programs, events, and workshops throughout the year for adult learners. 

We invite Jewish choices for all – Jewish or not, member or not, for both interfaith and Jewish families. We welcome, educate and offer support to all people who are new to Jewish living either through marriage, conversion, or any born Jew who would like to learn more about practicing Judaism. Peninsula Temple Sholom opens its doors to anyone seeking a place for themselves among the Jewish community.

Visit the homepage to view upcoming programs.

Rabbi Mike Comins, Scholar-In-Residence

May 5-7
A weekend of spiritual connection


Members, see your weekly Schmooze for Zoom login information. If you are not a member, please contact or 650-697-2266 a day in advance to get the link.

Torah Today

with the Rabbis 
Saturdays, 9:00-10:00 AM via Zoom
Start your Shabbat morning with your rabbis. Be ready to engage in lively dialogue and debate as we invoke commentaries both traditional and current and seek anchors in the Torah for our modern, mobile lives. 

Back to the Source

with Rabbi Dan Feder 
Wednesdays, 11:00 AM via Zoom
A thoughtful, verse-by-verse examination of the context behind Torah teachings with Rabbi Feder. In small-group discussion we find real connections with the text, and with each other. Make it a regular part of your week!

Women in the Torah

With Rabbi Liora Alban
Thursdays, 9:30 AM via Zoom
How do stories of women in Torah reflect the complexity of our own lives? How can creative means help us explore these ancient texts? Our class will bring women in Torah to life through art, text, and personal reflection.

Sat, June 10 2023 21 Sivan 5783